Who isn’t excited to shed that winter coat this time of year?

night-cream2While we are all looking forward to wearing our spring clothes and getting outside as soon as the weather begins to warm, some of us are hesitant to show our arms and legs because of the appearance of small white and red bumps. This bumpy texture is the result of skin cell build up around individual hair follicles.

Tips for Smooth Skin

What’s a girl to do? The first thing she will want to do is condition the skin with an emollient moisturizer. Applying a salicylic acid will soften the skin. And exfoliating regularly will help slough off the dead skin cells revealing a much smoother skin texture.

Mary Kay has a superb skin care line, and just the answer for fabulous products that will do the trick help to remove those dry skin bumps and reveal your beautiful self:

If you know a woman who is unhappy with her skin’s texture after a long winter and is anxious to wear her spring wardrobe, send her my way! Call (518) 744-4600 or drop me a note!