So, I’m blogging! NEVER in a million years did I ever think I would be a blogger! In fact, until very recently, I never really quite understood what “blogging” is. Truthfully, I still don’t really know!

Nonetheless, here I am, blogging. I have been experiencing quite a bit of angst over what to blog and when to blog and how to blog. But the biggest blogging stress has been what my FIRST blog should be about! Today, I decided that my first blog would be about blogging!

As a Mary Kay Independent Sales Director with 20+ years of cosmetic industry experience, it is my hope that through my blog I can be of service to my Independent Beauty Consultants, customers, and girlfriends by answering the most commonly asked (and maybe not so commonly asked) questions about skin care, color application, current make up trends, the latest and greatest, the not so great, fad ingredients, etc. I will be offering tips and tools of the trade, so to speak. Maybe even a video or two! (I think you can do that in a blog, right?)

I have been a business professional as a single woman, a married woman, a pregnant woman, a married mom, a single mom, in large corporations, small businesses, and as a business owner – and the story continues! I am now happily married and I am almost an “empty nester” WHO BLOGS! I plan to share my observations, experience and wisdom (if you can call it that!) about what has worked and what has not.

Suffice it to say that it takes courage to step out of our comfort zones. Whenever we try something new we risk failure and embarrassment. But I know a few things to be true. One of those things is, “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” ~ Albert Einstein

So I’m trying something new…