Why Doesn’t Everyone Wear Foundation?

If you could find a product that evens skin tone, conceals imperfections, protects the skin from the environment, prevents sun damage, and diminishes the signs of aging, would you wear it? What if it could provide a natural, business, or photo-shoot-ready look? Sounds like a fabulous product, right? Not too many products can make SO many claims! The Perfect Foundation for Every Woman So why doesn't everyone wear foundation, you ask? It may be because they haven’t found the right [...]

Why Doesn’t Everyone Wear Foundation?2016-11-03T11:48:17-04:00

Consumer Safety is Mary Kay’s #1 Priority!

Did you know that consumer safety is our Mary Kay's first priority? We know that there can be differing points of view regarding ingredient safety and that some opinions can be the result of incomplete and inaccurate interpretation. Mary Kay Inc. invests millions of dollars in research and conducts more than one-half million tests every year to ensure that every individual ingredient and finished product meets the highest standards of safety, quality and performance. We want consumers to know that at Mary [...]

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