Beauty Myth Buster No. 2: Talc Is A Bad Word

Myth: Talc Is A Bad Word! Fact: Talc has been getting a lo of bad press lately because of the recent popularity of mineral-based powders. Talc used in cosmetics is a specially-refined grade and has a proven scientific record. While it's true that this natural ingredient can be used for non-cosmetic purposes, rest assured that the grade of talc used in cosmetics is perfectly safe for consumers. Do you - or do you know any women - who enjoy mineral [...]

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Beauty Myth Buster No. 1: Lead in Lipstick

When it comes to cosmetic ingredients and safety, you can't believe everything you read these days, including information about lead in lipstick. Chances are you've probably seen a "beauty-gone-bad" story about the evils of lipstick or mineral oil on television, the internet, or in magazines. So how can you separate truth from fiction, and feel good about looking good? Here are a few facts to set the record straight, and to help you feel great about the Mary Kay® products [...]

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